What is Provided by Employee Benefits Insurance in Adrian, MI

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Insurance Agency

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Employees value the benefits they receive from their employer. Offering high-quality benefits to your employees can lead to higher morale and employee retention. Even if not all employees take advantage of the benefits, it helps to have them available. Here are some of the most important employee benefits in Adrian, MI to offer your employees.

Health Insurance

An unexpected injury or illness can be devastating to someone’s life and their finances, especially if they don’t have insurance. Employees will be more likely to go to take care of their health and visit the doctor if they have affordable health insurance, meaning fewer sick days and healthier, happier employees.

Everyone has different healthcare needs, so it’s a good idea to offer several different types of insurance to accommodate all of your employees.

Life Insurance

Life insurance pays out money to the beneficiaries when a policyholder passes away. This money is generally used to cover the cost of a funeral. However, larger policies will provide extra funds to help alleviate any financial stress on the policyholder’s loved ones.

Personal Accident

It can take weeks, months, or years to recover after a devastating accident. Health insurance can help cover medical expenses, but it can’t cover the bills while an employee is out of work. Personal accident insurance will provide the employee with some additional funds to help make up for the lost income while they recover.

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