You’ve Got Nothing to Lose, and Plenty to Gain

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Financial Accounting

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As a CPA, you have plenty of professional obligations to keep you constantly busy. You have financial obligations, too, and because budgets are a big part of your life, you don’t want to throw unnecessary money around if you don’t have to. You’re probably already familiar with continuing professional education (CPE). It may be required by your company, or your state may require it in order for you to maintain your licensure. Even if CPE is not a requirement for your job, it could still be a helpful tool in taking your career to a whole new level. So where should you look when you want to find quality CPE courses at prices you can afford? Look to for all your CPA CPE needs. Has Everything You Need

You want to get your CPE from a reliable source, and CPE Think is as reliable as it gets. We’re professionals, and we count plenty of CPAs among our ranks. That means we understand exactly what you want and what you need, and as part of that understanding, and part of our commitment to you, we’re proud to offer certain of our CPE for CPAs courses for free. And when we say we’re offering free online CPE for CPAs, we mean it. Our free courses come with no obligations whatsoever, and they’re designed with the same high quality that we put into our paid courses. Take the free CPA courses, earn a passing score on the exam, and earn the credits you need to put toward furthering your career as a CPA.

Not only are we willing to offer free courses, we give you plenty of time to finish each free training module. In fact, we give you a year from your sign-up date to pass the final exam. You can take an exam more than once, too. Once you earn a passing score of 70% for most exams, you’ll be credited immediately so you can put those CPE credits to work for you right away. Credits remain in our system for a period of five years, so you’ll have proof of completion and be able to track your progress through our many high-quality modules.

If you want to participate in our free online CPE for CPAs training, just head to our website, Our course catalog is fully searchable, and we’re always adding new free courses. For free, no-obligation high-quality CPE credits for CPAs, go with CPE Think. You’ve got nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.

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