Why Companies Need To Buy Commercial Insurance In Fort Myers

by | Aug 12, 2019 | insurance

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In Florida, business insurance helps owners protect their investments more fully. Commercial policies offer coverage for the business property, company vehicles, inventory, and cash stored on location. The required amount of coverage depends on the business type and what liabilities are probable. A local agent explains why businesses need to Buy Commercial Insurance in Fort Myers.

Protecting the Property

The insurance coverage offers funds if the property is damaged by a covered event. The events detailed in the policies include natural disasters, floods, fires, and criminal vandalism. Some commercial property policies offer coverage for other criminal acts, such as a break-in.

Coverage for the Company’s Inventory

Insurance coverage for the company’s inventory prevents a major loss if the inventory is destroyed or stolen. The funds cover the full cost of replacing the inventory and preventing the business from facing a major financial hardship. The business owner completes an insurance claim, and the claims adjuster completes an assessment. The owner needs an invoice for their inventory to show the full cost.

General and Global Liability

General and global liability insurance protects the business against certain liabilities and potential financial losses after a lawsuit. The business owner uses the insurance coverage to pay settlements to the accident victims. The coverage amount is determined when the policy starts. The insurance agent conducts a risk assessment and shows the owner how much coverage they need.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is needed to cover the medical expenses and wage replacement requirements for injured workers. The employer files an insurance claim after a work-related accident. The policy covers a medical assessment and any further healthcare requirements. However, the claims adjuster reviews the claim and determines if the worker is eligible for coverage.

In Florida, business insurance protects the property if it is damaged or destroyed by a covered event. The policies protect against common liabilities and financial losses. Workers are covered if they become injured on the job. A local insurance agent helps the business owner review all available policies that protect the business. Company owners who want to learn more about why they should Buy Commercial Insurance in Fort Myers contact an agent for General Insurance Quotes right now.

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