What People Need to Know About Sr22 Insurance in Chicago, Illinois

People who’ve been notified they need Sr22 insurance in Chicago have many questions. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sr22.

Who Needs Sr22 Insurance?

Sr22 is required of high-risk drivers who’ve committed certain traffic offenses. Reasons a person might be required to carry Sr22 insurance include:

  • Had an accident and didn’t have proper insurance coverage
  • Ticketed for driving without insurance or a driver’s license
  • Convicted of a DUI
  • Receiving numerous tickets within a short timespan

Is Sr22 Actually Insurance?

No. Because of its name, many people assume Sr22 is an insurance product. Instead, it is proof of financial responsibility. It’s a certificate that proves a person has insurance.

How Long Does One Have to Keep Sr22 Proof?

The requirements for carrying this proof vary depending on the state. The average length of time is three years. During the three years, the person must maintain current insurance with no policy lapses. It takes about 30 days to receive an Sr22 certificate.

How Much Will Sr22 Cost?

Fees vary, with filing fees running as much as $50 and reinstatement fees as high as $250. One also needs to know that insurance rates, current, and future, will be affected. An insurance policy will cost more, and, in some cases, an insurer could reject one’s application for coverage.

For those who need Sr22 insurance in Chicago, it’s a good idea to learn as much about the requirements as possible. For more information, contact Accurate Auto Insurance.

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