What Can a Financial Planner in Nanaimo, Canada Do For You?

by | May 20, 2015 | Finance

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A financial planner in Nanaimo is someone who can help you gain a stable financial future. Financial planners provide a tremendous amount of current as well as relevant advice and can provide you with access to investments which you may not otherwise understand or have access to.

What exactly does a financial planner help with?

There is a variety of finance related advice provided by financial advisers. Some of the main topics you can expect to discuss with a reputable financial planner, such as J.A. Smith & Associates Inc., may include:

*Realistic procedures for setting attainable goals and what you need to do to accomplish these goals

*Planning for your children’s college education

*Retirement planning

*Estate planning

*Which type of insurance best fits your needs

*Investments that help to facilitate your financial growths

*Various tax exemption methods

Finding the Best Financial Planner

One of the most important things to consider when searching for a financial planner in Nanaimo is to find someone we are comfortable with. We will be discussing our finances in detail with our planner, so it is essential we feel comfortable discussing our income, our debt and our goals. Some of the questions to ask ourselves when selecting a financial planner may include:

*Does this financial planner understand your goals? The primary objective is to determine if the person truly understands what you need and what you want. A good planner will be able to translate your material needs and wants into real dollar terms as well as present a solution which will be financially beneficial for you and allow you to achieve said goals.

*What kind of recommendations can the planner give you? A financial planner is unable to provide you with the names of their satisfied clients (as it is a breach of privacy), but if you have an understanding of what the planner does for their community and their profession, it can help you have a better understanding of what is important to them. If their objectives do not match with yours, you may need to consider a different planner.

During your first meeting you will need to give the financial planner a detailed report of your current personal and financial situation, your short and long term goals, data on all of your current investments, information about your insurance, and any debts you have incurred. It is important to be completely honest with your planner regarding your income and debts. Working with a professional planner can help you keep your financial goals and objectives on track as well as provide you with information about investment opportunities, but it is essential you maintain regular contact and report any changes in your financial situation with your advisor. If you’re looking for a reputable financial planning company in the Nanaimo, Canada area to help you manage your assets, look no further than the experienced and certified general accountants found at J.A. Smith & Associates Inc.

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