Renters Insurance- Protecting Others, yourself and your Property

by | Oct 8, 2012 | insurance

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Homeowners insure their property to take care of their hard-earned investments. As a renter, you also need to take care of the personal belongings in your unit since the landlord only pays insurance for the building itself and other common areas. Before buying renters insurance, take an inventory of all your belongings. Take pictures, receipts and any vital information and keep them in a safety deposit box.

A common assumption is that renters insurance is strictly for those who own a good number of valuable assets in their homes. For starters, you need to understand that, this insurance doesn’t only cover your stuff. This insurance also provides you with liability coverage. This is basically protection in the event that you face a lawsuit from others.

Secondly, you also need to understand that insurers do not consider the current value of your belongings. The insurer will evaluate the amount of money it would cost to replace items. renters insurance, Austin TX can cover a wide range of items. If you take replacement cost coverage, you can have all your items, from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and even the grocery inside your fridge, insured.

Renters insurance will also be beneficial in case you are liable for damage of your landlord’s property. In fact, this insurance can also cover damage to other tenant’s property and lives. For instance, if a fire starts in your apartment and ends up affecting other people within that building, you will be held responsible for the injuries, property damage and loss of rent among other expenses. All this can later be paid off by the insurer.

Once you are ready to shop for renters insurance, Austin TX, always ensure that you compare a number of quotes in order to find the company that offers the best deal. It can also be a good idea to purchase this type of insurance from the same company that offered you other policies like auto insurance. Find out what the company’s policy offers and what it doesn’t so that you can weigh your options before deciding.

With renters insurance, you have the option of going for policies that either offer actual cash value or replacement costs when you file a claim. If you go for the actual cash value (ACV), expect to obtain an amount that is equal to the price of the damaged or lost item during the time of the incident. On the other hand, policies that offer replacement cost usually demand higher premiums since they pay up the actual value of items you once paid when acquiring them.

There is a lot of value attached to renters insurance, Austin TX. Instead of waiting for a disaster to strike so that you know its importance, get covered today.

Renters Insurance Austin TX – Many people do not acknowledge the value of renters insurance. Learn why this insurance is important and ways in which you can get the best policy.

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