Making Bail so You can be Released from a Santa Cruz Jail

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Finance

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logoIf you’ve been arrested and placed in a santa cruz jail, it is very likely that in order to meet the conditions of being released pending your initial court hearing, you will need to pay a certain amount of bail. What that amount will be will greatly depend upon the type of crime you’ve been arrested for. However, with this amount of money that the court determines, there’s a very real possibility that, unless you come up with this amount of money, you can stay in jail until your court hearing regarding the crime you’ve been arrested for.

In order to meet the requirements of bail set forth by the judicial system, you may need to contact a friend or family member that can post bail for you in order for you to be released from jail. However, a friend or family member who is helping you to be released from a santa cruz jail will need to have assurances by you that you will show up at your predetermined court hearing to answer for the crimes which were arrested for.

You see, if a friend or family member posts bail, they will receive this money back once you appear at your court hearing. If you skip out on your court date, they will be out the money that they spent on bail, as the court will deem your non appearance as your agreement to forfeit of the bail money.

If you have no family or friends to contact to help you to make bail so you can be released from a santa cruz jail, you can contact a bail bondsman in order to have them pay bail for you. In an attempt to make money, the bail bondsman will typically charge you a 10% fee on the bail that the court has determined.

This means that if your bail is set at a thousand dollars, the fee for their services will be $100. In addition, if you skip out on your court date, if you put any collateral up for the bail bondsman to make your bail, you forfeit the ownership of that collateral to the bail bondsman, and they will have the right to contract a bounty hunter to track you down and return you to jail.

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