How Real Estate Judgment Services Benefit You

It’s a sad fact, but many debtors ultimately default on what they owe. For you, the creditor, the only option is to take them to court. However, even if you manage to win the court case, all the judge is likely to do is award you a judgment lien on real estate. That’s little better than a government-approved promissory note. Sure, you may see some money, but it could be years and years away. It doesn’t have to be that way. Selling judgments for cash with the help of Mayflower Judgments ensures that you’re able to see immediate benefits. Why work with real estate judgment services?

Skilled, Experienced Judgment Valuators

Too often, selling a judgment means dealing with a third party, such as a broker or an attorney. Not only does that mean you’re spending even more time without access to the money that you’re owed, but it also opens up questions about veracity and accuracy. At Mayflower Judgments, we employ skilled, experienced judgment evaluators who can quickly qualify your judgment, so you don’t spend any more of your valuable time waiting.

Professional Judgment Purchases

If you have decided that selling judgments for cash is in your best interests, then you’ll need to ensure that you’re working with experienced, seasoned professionals with years of experience evaluating and then purchasing each judgment lien on real estate offered by the firm’s clients. At Mayflower Judgments, we are a niche company specializing only in buying real estate judgments. This ensures the fastest turnaround time in the industry. In fact, we can often pay cash for your judgment lien in as little as 48 hours. Not only are we expedient, but our specialization also ensures that we can work on judgments against multiple types of real property, all with no cost to you, the client.

Waiting to see the money you’re owed can be incredibly time-consuming. In many cases, it will never happen, leaving you empty-handed, despite a court ruling in your favor. Ready to change things? Tired of not seeing any money from the judgment that you won? Consider selling it to Mayflower Judgments – call us today at 303-388-6666 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation on your needs. Our experienced valuators will quickly qualify your judgment lien, and if you decide to go ahead, you can have cash in your pocket in just hours.

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