Bad Credit Business Loans In California: How To Get Them

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Financial Accounting

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Most people don’t know what bad credit means, but it just means that you don’t have a very good score because you haven’t needed a lot of credits, such as a house, car, credit/debit card, etc. It can also mean that your score has been lowered because you’ve defaulted on loans or payment plans. Whether you have financial problems or are struggling to build your score for the first time, bad credit business loans in California can seem impossible to get. However, there are ways to do so.

Getting a Loan With Poor Credits

If you have none or poor credit-scores, you may find it harder to get a loan. That is because lenders and banks do not think you are creditworthy because you have defaulted on past loans, not paid bills on time or have racked up credit-card debt. Whatever the reason, that doesn’t mean that your company should fail because you made some poor choices in the past. Therefore, you can still find some lenders to help, so you don’t have to rely on family or friends.

Options Available

If you own a house, you can use it as collateral and use the home equity as a line-of-credit option. These options are tax deductible and low-interest options, which allow you to spend them however you want. The biggest problem with this option is that if you default on the debt, they can take your property to pay off the loan, meaning you could be without a house. Therefore, you should have a reliable income and be disciplined about paying on time.

You can also consider credit unions instead of banks because they are owned by the members who all live in the same area or work in the same industry. They are nonprofit organizations that give the earnings back to the members by lowering fees and providing excellent customer service. You would need to contact these places to make sure they offer loans to businesses and find out about scores and creditworthiness requirements.

P2P lending is a fairly new phenomenon that allows you to borrow money from an online individual. It is becoming increasingly popular because it gives borrowers the money they need without jumping through a lot of hoops.

If nothing else works, you can always try borrowing money from family and friends, though that isn’t a popular choice with company owners.

Bad credit business loans in California can be easy to get, especially if you choose the right lender. Visit website today to learn more about their options or call us at (888) 943-1497!

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