Advantages and Disadvantages of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage in Portage MI

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Loan

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In the US, fixed-rate mortgages have never been widely accepted. In fact, at one point, they represented only 10% of the mortgages that were granted. However, in recent months, banks are betting on this type of loan by lowering interest rates to rates never seen before.

But what are the advantages of obtaining a fixed-rate Mortgage in Portage MI? Is it a good time to consider one?

Advantages of mortgages at fixed rate

The monthly fee is always the same when it comes to fixed-rate mortgages. This mortgage type is more stable than others because it is not affected by the market. In other words, the mortgage rate that was agreed upon today will not be affected by things that happen 15 years from now.

Interest rates are not that bad with fixed-rate mortgages. It is now possible to take out a Mortgage in Portage MI with a 2% interest rate, with the assurance that throughout the life of the loan, the rate will always be the same. If people compare it with variable mortgages, they will see that the numbers are not that far off from each other.

Over the average life of other mortgage types, the rate will vary and, most likely, will eventually rise. Another advantage of fixed-rate mortgages is that they do not have a “floor clause” (a minimum amount that is charged by the bank).

Disadvantages of fixed rate mortgages

Just like everything else known to man, fixed-rate mortgages have disadvantages. Unlike variable-rate mortgages, they typically have a higher opening commission, usually 1%. The repayment term is shorter, and the fees are higher as well.

Although people can benefit from interest rates close to 2%, the term of the loan is reduced. If the client intends to amortize the mortgage in advance, they will have to pay a fee. Life and home insurance have the same conditions as variable mortgage loans; the difference is that in a fixed mortgage if the debtor does not agree with the price, changing banks becomes expensive.

Finding the right mortgage isn’t all that tough. It takes a little work and some diligence. Know more about us by clicking here.

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