What Are the Basics of Property and Casualty Insurance in AZ?

The important part of licensed Property and Casualty insurance Peoria AZ refers to people having coverage for their personal belongings and property in the event they are broken or stolen. Most property is going to be covered from things like stolen items, vandalism, fire, and natural disaster.

The casualty part of Property and Casualty Insurance refers to people having coverage for incidents where they are legally liable for any property damage or injuries that happen to another person. In this case, your liability is going to be covered in the court and out of the court by your insurance company. This happens when you are considered liable or negligent for an incident that happened at your home.

Which Policies Fall Under Property and Casualty Insurance Peoria AZ?

P&C insurance goes over a category of different coverage types. The most common policies include:

1.Car Insurance

This can help cover you, passengers, and other drivers if a crash happens to take place. This policy may also provide coverage for any damage that happens to your vehicle during a crash, break-in, vandalism, or other damages.

2.Condo Insurance

In this policy, your personal items and the interior structure of your home will be covered. It should also give you coverage for your liability.

3.Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is much more different than condo insurance. It covers the structure of your home (both the interior and exterior), personal belongings, and other damages and losses. It covers your liability for any injuries that might happen in your home and outside of your home as well.

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