Understanding Workers Compensation Insurance Schenectady

by | May 2, 2013 | insurance

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If you have been injured at work, then you know what an emotional toll it can take on you and your loved ones. Nothing is as scary as not being able to work and provide for your family. Fortunately, you are not left all on your own, as most employers carry workers compensation Insurance Schenectady. This type of insurance is meant to replace the income you lose, if you are injured at your place of employment and cannot return to work right away.


Before this kind of insurance was required by law for many industries, the only way to receive compensation after an injury was by suing your employer. This was a lengthy process that required the injured individual to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the employer was responsible for the accident. You would need an attorney, and the whole process was quite expensive. The biggest problem, of course, was doing without an income for such a prolonged period of time. Bill collectors are not known to be patient.


Eventually, employers became concerned about all of the lawsuits they were facing on a regular basis. The companies began to brain storm and developed the idea of a type of insurance that would help to pay for the employee’s income should an accident occur at the place of business. This would reduce the amount of lawsuits they had, as well as providing a needed service to employees. Eventually, as this idea expanded, each state began to create its own system of laws to govern workers compensation Insurance Schenectady.


While many businesses across a wide variety of industries are required to have this type of coverage, some smaller institutions are not. The rules and regulations regarding worker’s compensation and who is required to have it, is up to each individual state. If your employer offers this type of insurance, it might be a good idea to sit down with a benefits coordinator and ask some questions about the coverage. It will give you a better understanding of what types of accidents are covered, and what type of process you need to go through in order to get your compensation.


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