The Relationship of Daylight Saving Time to Automotive Insurance Claims in Spring, TX

by | May 10, 2019 | insurance

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Some people hate the change from standard time to daylight saving time every spring, while others don’t care at all. Statistics indicate that traffic accidents happen more often right after this change because drivers are functioning on less sleep. Vehicle owners want a satisfactory response from their insurer when they file Insurance Claims in Spring TX after one of these incidents.

Collision Rate Considerations

Advocates of eliminating daylight saving time use this spike in accidents as a point in their favor. However, research shows that the traffic accident rate actually decreases compared with the rate during standard time once everyone gets accustomed to the time change. Most importantly, the rate of fatal crashes decreases. With abundant natural light in the evening, visibility is better for drivers.

Points of Debate

If the time change were to be eliminated, some safety experts generally recommend keeping daylight saving time all year round. However, others point to an increase in accidents involving children and teenagers when they have to go to school while it’s still dark in the morning. This is a primary reason that the time is still moved back to an hour earlier at the end of October.

Automotive Insurance Claims in Spring TX aren’t the only factors people discuss when they express positions for and against changing the time twice a year. Some evidence shows that the change is hard on health in general. For example, more heart attacks are reported the week after the change compared with the weeks leading up to it.

Preventing Accidents

The best way to prevent time-related car accidents is to start going to bed earlier a few days before the time change. By Monday morning, the person should be well rested and not feeling sleepy when behind the wheel. Being especially alert to the behavior of other drivers is also important since so many men and women don’t bother to prepare for daylight saving time. They miss that hour of sleep once the time is moved forward early Sunday morning. If a collision does occur, vehicle owners rely on Insurance Offices Texas has available. An example can be viewed at the website.

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